Friday, July 25

Grown Up

So. That's it. University os officially done. I have now gradated. What do I do now? Work I guess. And become a "grown up".

Most graduates celebrated their day by getting trashed with fellow classmates at the Grad. Ball or at a massive house party. For me, I drink some lovely champagne and had cheese fondue. Boring? A little. But because my mum was through for the weekend we decided to do something low key. As we ate fresh bread dunked in melted gooey cheese and sipped on champagne, we watched some awesome movies.

I have a rough idea what I want to do with my life, but at the moment I am loving my job so I don't feel the need to run way from it. At the time begin I am getting to VM (visual merchandise) quite a few departments in my store, and I just love doing it. Don't hate me, but I am so excited for the season to change. I am sick of feeling so hot and clammy, I want to wear cosy cardigans with amazing boots without feeling the need to melt!

The thing with the seasons changing is, I need to slowly change my wardrobe. Oh no.... I guess I have to go shopping. The trauma.

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Thursday, July 3

Thursday Day

Today, I have the day to myself. I did have plans, but they fell through. Now that University is over... forever, I can have some time to myself. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely thing, but I prefer having company. Either having a girlfriends round to watch crap TV and drink copious amounts of tea or cook for my boyfriend's mates whilst they have a gaming night.

I decided to lounge about browsing through the ASOS Curve website, planning which outfits I want to buy and then realising that I have no money. Well, I do, but I really need to save as much a possible because I go to Florence in September for 2 weeks, so it would be nice if I can afford to eat whilst I am out there. 

Yesterday I finally went back to the gym and decided to join my favourite fitness class... aqua aerobics. It is so much fun, but I get too in to it. I look like I am on a mission when I am in the class. Next week though, my friend said she is dragging me to Fitball (not Football) and Spinning... so... yeah... I might just be a husk of a girl by the end of next week. So wish me luck.
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Wednesday, July 2

MAC: Paradisco Eyeshadow

Like most girls, I am obsessed with MAC - mostly their lipsticks, but I have started to collect some beautiful eyeshadows. This is my most recent purchase "Paradisco" and I am in love. It has a rich peach/coral tone to it with a golden frosted finish. It blends really well and it looks amazing as a solid colour. I used it across my whole eyelid and across my under eye, but I feel that the next time I wear this, I am going to apply it thicker to my eyelid and brush it up more to my brow bone.

I used the online MAC chat service to speak to a professional make up artist about which shade would best suit me, and from what she said I looked at their bronze/coral/pink colours - because those shades will bring out the green in my eyes. Not only was she spot on with every question that I threw at her, she recommended some shadows that she personally owns because she had similar colour features. 

Like a sucker, I bought them all (not that it's a bad thing). I wanted her honest opinion and everything that I bought suited me perfectly. When applying colours shadows like "Paradisco" I abandon my normal cat eyeliner flicks and just use mascara. It is strange looking in the mirror as I have been wearing thick black eyeliner for... 10 years. Jesus! So as you can imagine, I am used to seeing my eyes a lot darker. 

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